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Supporting the Orchestra financially

The Westmorland Orchestra is a charity, run to cover costs whilst providing opportunities for playing, performing and listening to music; in particular we want to continuing offering freee tickets to young people and full time students.  

We are very lucky to have benefitted from bequests over the years, we also have the support of a number of patrons who, for a small donation (in addition to buying tickets for each of a season’s concerts) have early access to tickets.   More Information 

If you would like to support us by advertising in our three concert programme, it is just £55 for 3 x 1/4 page, £100 for 3 x 1/2 page or £150 for 3 x a full page.

We also very much appreciate the sponsorship of any individual or company willing to provide us with financial support, or to help fund a seat in the orchestra (concessions are offered to players as necessary), a particular expense, concert or soloist

For more details please contact our Secretary, Joanne Crossley: 07805 126463,
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